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To support agriculture of the Crimea will allocate more than 13 billion rubles
The volume of state support of the agricultural sector in 2020-2024 years will be more than 13.4 billion. About it at session of Presidium of the state Council of Kazakhstan, said the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers – Minister of agriculture of the Republic Andrey Ryumshin.
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"Today, the industry has 35 measures of state support, for five years, their number will increase to 40. Added new types of support, such as, modernization of food and processing industry support to essential oil industry, reimbursement of expenses for development of design estimates, construction of modular greenhouses, technical re-equipment of the plant industry", — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Andrey Ryumshin said that the development of national projects will be allocated 246 million rubles.

"I am confident that in five years the agricultural sector will receive a high quality changes that are aimed at increasing agricultural production. This happens due to intensive production based on technical and technological modernization of crop production, livestock breeding, food and processing industry", — he stated.

Andrey Ryumshin stressed that an important factor is stimulation of investment activity and innovative development of agriculture, intensive use of land, increase of soil fertility and the development of reclamation of agricultural land.


Source: vesti-k.ru

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