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Delegation and farmers from Europe, China and India showed interest to the technique of Rostselmash
The world's largest exhibition of agricultural machinery AGRITECHNICA 2019, which was presented to the record size of the national pavilion of Russia, completed its work on October 16. Domestic producers begin to draw some preliminary conclusions of the forum.
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Rostselmash, part of the Association "Rosspetsmash", was attended by the delegations of Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, and also held talks with representatives of Turkey, Egypt, Mongolia, India, Lithuania, Austria, and China – and this is not a complete list of countries. The stand was visited by a large number of European farmers.

Rostselmash makes optimistic forecasts, not only in terms of business proposals: and proved that the company is moving in the right direction and anticipates global trends in the development of the industry.

CEO of the German agricultural society Dr. Reinhard Grandke, estimating the scale of what is happening now in agriculture change, emphasized that the global system of agriculture is diverse and represented by many manufacturers (noting the growth in the agricultural sector of Russia, Holland and France), and before the engineering challenge is to develop digital technologies for more efficient and more responsible towards the environment agriculture.

"Our goal is to provide the most rational use of resources. Today agriculture is a very technologically advanced industry with tremendous potential, we're not even on the verge of another revolution, and in its very midst," - assesses the company's development strategy the Director of Rostselmash marketing Maxim Nahaba. Digital solutions, technology, unique engineering, agromashiny and systems for the development of a new, smart and responsible farming, all this variety was collected in the stands and Rostselmash presented to the world.

Russian exposition area of over 2 thousand square meters combined 26 domestic manufacturers, which will present in Germany 55 units. Among the agricultural machines were presented world premieres, including not having analogues.

Organizer of participation of enterprises at AGRITECHNICA 2019 speaks Russian export centre operator - Association "Rosspetsmash" with the support of Ministry of industry and trade.

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