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Volodin: a Bill to create a wine industry from scratch
A bill aimed at introduction of the state support of the industry of viticulture and winemaking, will become the base for the industry and will contribute to improving the quality of wine.
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About it to journalists was declared by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, on the results of consideration of the bill at the plenary session of the state Duma, the correspondent of IA REGNUM November 19.

"In fact, he (bill) will be the base for industry — almost from scratch created the legal regulation of domestic wine growing and winemaking", — said Volodin.


So, he said, the domestic wine should be from grapes grown in the territory of the Russian Federation, the bill creates all the necessary conditions. So, for example, it defines the basic concepts, requirements for wine, and also introduces the state support of domestic producers.

According to Volodina, such rules will provide high quality wines in Russia, and due to this, the wine industry will be competitive.

"The creation of the industry of viticulture and winemaking will play a major role in the economic development of the country through new jobs, import substitution and the additional incomes in budgets of regions — Krasnodar, Crimea, Sevastopol, Rostov region, Dagestan, Stavropol, Volgograd and Astrakhan," — said Volodin.


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Friday, 14 August 2020
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