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In southern China seized hundreds of tons of contraband meat from America
More than 700 tons of smuggled frozen meat was confiscated by customs of Guangdong province in southern China on several occasions, reported on 21 November, the Xinhua news Agency.
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Frozen meat was imported from the USA, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries and regions of the world, said the Huangpu customs. Customs said that a total of eight ships were detained with smuggled products in the cities of Guangzhou and Dongguan. Captured 11 suspects and seized more than 700 tons of smuggled frozen meat. The investigation is ongoing.

Note that at the end of October a total of 29 cases of smuggling of frozen foods were recorded in the waters of China, seized more than 2400 tone of smuggling for a total amount of 100 million yuan (about $14.2 million).

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