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"Petelinka" and "PAVA-PAVA" received the award "Product of the year"
The products of Cherkizovo Group once again has been awarded the annual award "product of the year". This year, the brands "Petelinka" and "PAVA-PAVA" became winners in three nominations.
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For the twenty-first Official ceremony of awarding the prize "Product of the year 2019", held November 20 in Moscow, the Group "Cherkizovo" has won three awards. In the nominations of "Chicken poultry" and "Clean product is in the category "Chicken meat"" victory brand "Petelinka". The brand "PAVA-PAVA" was recognized as best in the category "Healthy food category "meat Dishes of Turkey"".

"Petelinka" is the most famous and popular Russian brand of chilled chicken has for many years ranked first in sales market of the Moscow region. From mid-2018, the brand has become the leader in Saint-Petersburg. In the range of "Petelinka" has more than 40 kinds of products, which is a natural diet product from 100% chicken and natural spices.

The brand "PAVA-PAVA" is produced at the enterprise "Tambov Turkey", established on a parity basis by the Group "Cherkizovo" and Grupo Fuertes Spanish. For the production of "PAVA-PAVA" is Turkey a special breed, whose meat contains a minimal amount of fat.

The winners of the award "product of the year" brands "Petelinka" and "PAVA-PAVA" be not the first time. So, last year, "Petelinka" has received the award for "Chicken meat", and "PAVA-PAVA" - in the category "Environmentally friendly meat".

The award "Product of the year" by National trade Association, is awarded annually in more than 50 categories of food products and consumer goods. Selected categories of goods most frequently purchased by consumers in retail stores. The winning product in each category – a Testament to a clever marketing strategy and, as a consequence, the recognition by consumers.


About Cherkizovo Group

Cherkizovo group is Russia's largest producer of meat products under the brands "Cherkizovo", "Pelinka", "Chicken Kingdom" etc. is among the three leaders on the market of chicken meat, pork, Turkey meat and processed meat products. The group includes 9 poultry farms-full cycle 16 modern pig complexes, meat processing plants 8 and 9 feed mills and about 300 thousand ha of agricultural land. In 2018, the Group produced approximately 1 million tons of meat products. The company's consolidated revenues in 2018 amounted to 102,6 billion. The advantage of the company is vertical integration, which connects every link in the agricultural chain, from grain production to production of finished products, ensuring product quality at all stages. Shares of Cherkizovo Group are traded on the Moscow exchange (MOEX).


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