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In the Urals will build more than 100 farms
In the Kurgan region in 2020 to 80% increase the amount of financial support to animal husbandry. For this purpose is planned in the amount of 863 million roubles, have informed correspondent IA REGNUM in the regional government.
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Will be built seven farms and five dairy farms and about 100 mini-farms. Implementation plans in addition to budget will be given preferential loans at 3 million roubles under 3% annual for a period of three years and five years. The program involves microfinance Fund of Kurgan region, Russian agricultural Bank and Sberbank.


From the Federal budget will be subsidized 40% of the costs for the purchase of forage machinery and equipment in dairy and beef cattle. Will be paid a Federal subsidy for acquisition of breeding cattle — up to 65% of its value.


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