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The Ministry of agriculture develops collaboration with the National Union of breeders and seed growers
The Ministry of agriculture and the national Union of breeders and seed growers signed a cooperation agreement aimed at creating conditions for sustainable functioning of the agro-industrial complex and development of breeding and seed production.
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In particular, the document envisages the participation of members of the Union in the development of draft regulations relating to breeding and seed production, as well as in the work of commissions, Advisory, expert and working groups created by the Ministry.

As noted by the Deputy Minister of agriculture Oksana LUT, seed production is an industry, further development of which depends the food security of the country.

"At the moment the Russian seed industry still dependent on imports, and the Ministry of agriculture together with market participants need to ensure that all the conditions allowing the sector to reach self-sufficiency. Constructive dialogue will allow us to more effectively respond to the needs of the market and to improve legal regulation", - said Oksana LUT.

Extension of cooperation Ministry of agriculture with the National Union of breeders and seed growers will improve the level of domestic seeds and improve the system of state support of the industry.


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Thursday, 01 October 2020
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