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Updated Reaper "OZONE" of JSC "PENZMASH"
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PJSC "PENZMASH", which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", updated the header the combing type "OZONE".

Its predecessor, the single-drum Reaper "OZONE". Appliances used in the cleaning of grain, grass seed, industrial crops (flax, flax, ginger, white lupine, sorghum, etc.). It features high performance and saves fuel.

Its "younger sister", the updated Reaper the combing type "OZONE", retaining all the benefits, has a better design and more technological. The new machine has changed design and manufacturing technology of the combing drum, whereby its weight is reduced by more than 100 kg.

New harvesters are equipped with sensors that control the auger speed. They read the number of revolutions of screw rotation, the control unit notifies the combiner of slowing rotation and possible stop screw that prevents the risk of occurrence of accidents. There is a version machine universal hydraulic connectors. These connectors significantly reduce the time of docking.

The new header is different from its predecessor and externally. In its construction, first used safety guards made of glass, it allows a new look at long-known to many farmers the Reaper "OZONE".

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