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Vice-Premier Gordeyev: Many of the proposals of the popular front, made at the meeting of the President with social activists in Adygea, will form the basis of the decision of the state Council
Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation on the issues of agriculture, natural resources and environment Alexey Gordeev called the meeting of the President of Russia, the leader onf of Vladimir Putin with agricultural producers in Adygea very useful.
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"The President in Adygeya met with community members representing agriculture, not just. He has gathered information, received feedback directly from people who work and suffer for the village," – said Deputy Prime Minister.

At the meeting in Adygea, which was held two days before the state Council on the issues of effective agricultural production and rural development, activists of the popular front drew the attention of the head of state on a number of issues and impediments faced by agricultural producers. So, the head of the onf project "national farmer" Oleg Sirota was asked to study the issue of reducing the administrative burden on agricultural business, the activist of the popular front, a farmer from Moscow, Kolomna Sergey Balaev – enable growing of snails in the list of types of agricultural production. Project coordinator onf "Village. The territory of development," Yulia Ogloblina told about the high electricity tariffs for farmers.

"And today, the state Council – the highest level of consideration of those or other problems – will consider all issues of development and agricultural production, and rural development. This is a very useful meeting, a lot of what was on it today will form the basis of the decision," – said Gordeev.


Russian popular front (onf) is a social movement, created in may 2011 on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which combines active and concerned residents. The leader of the movement is Vladimir Putin. The main objectives of the onf – the control over execution of decrees and orders of the President, the fight against corruption and wasteful, ineffective spending of public funds, improving the quality of life and protect the rights of citizens.



The press service of the onf

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