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Scientists of the Crimean Federal University have found a way to speed up production of essential oils
The use of electromagnetic radiation of microwave range during fermentation of oil-bearing raw materials allows to increase the yield of oil and to accelerate the process of processing.
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This was announced by the head. the Department of technology and production equipment of fats and essential oils Academy of life and environmental Sciences of the Crimean Federal University Natalia glumova.

"In the laboratory we found that the use of microwave technology allows to increase the output and extractimage essential oils of rose essential oil on 25% and 75%, respectively, extractimage oil scented violets – by 50.5%, and the yield of essential oils from grain essential-oil raw materials (coriander, anise, caraway, black caraway, anise, cumin) – by 5-24% depending on the type and quality of raw materials", - quotes the press service of the University Natalia Glumov.

To implement this master of the Academy Alexander Akhromeev together with scientists have developed the design of the device for continuous fermentation of raw materials of rose essential oil, which provides optimum conditions for processing electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. In addition to increasing the output of essential oil in the processing methods of hydrodistillation and extraction of the developed device allows to reduce the total duration of processing of raw materials.

"The rose contains essential oil as in the associated and free States. To increase its output, it is necessary to transfer the oil from the bound state to a free state that allows you to make the developed tool. Fermentation of raw materials by conventional methods takes place within 2-6 hours, and our device allows to produce it within 90 seconds," said graduate student of the Academy of life and environmental Sciences of the Crimean Federal University Alexander Akhromeev.

According to scientists, the use of this technology and the developed device will allow to reduce the consumption of steam, water, electricity, which would reduce the cost of production and increase profitability of its production.

The scientists filed a patent application. After registration of intellectual property rights the authors plan to make the machine and to perform its tests in Alushta essential oil farm-factory.

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