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The Ministry of agriculture was instructed to consider the turnover of GMO products
The Russian government instructed the Ministry of agriculture together with the Federal Executive authorities to consider the recommendations of the Council of Federation at the meeting "On the national system of consumer protection" in regulation of production and turnover of GMO products, told reporters on Monday the head of agrarian Committee of Council of Federation Alexey Mayorov.
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The Senator recalled that at the previous meeting of the chamber, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko drew attention to the need for coordination of works on control of import and turnover of genetically modified products (GM products) and an acceleration of the development of the necessary techniques for research in this area.

"At the end of the meeting were prepared and sent additional recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation, including in terms of determining the Federal Executive authority responsible for the coordination of works related to monitoring of GMO products, solutions to the problem of insufficient equipment of laboratories with modern equipment for carrying out this work," said majors.

In addition, the lawmakers drew attention to the need to accelerate the development and adoption of new methods to identify the specified product, taking into account international experience in order to create an effective system of monitoring of such products. "The Russian government given instructions to the Ministry of agriculture of Russia and Federal Executive authorities on implementation of the recommendations of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian politics," the MP said. According to him, work with the government in order to create an effective system of control of GMO products will continue.


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