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Dmitry Patrushev held a meeting with the regions on preparation for spring field work
The Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev held a meeting with the subjects of the Russian Federation on preparations for spring field work. It was also attended by representatives of Federal Executive authorities, heads of enterprises, credit institutions, branch unions and associations.
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The Minister noted that currently the situation in the regions is stable, while due to the weather conditions in some regions the spring field works this year can start earlier multiyear periods. As a result, the preparation for the sowing must be done in an accelerated mode. In this regard, according to the Minister, it is important to ensure the timely provision of agricultural producers with mineral fertilizers, seeds, fuel, equipment and other resources to the extent necessary.

In addition, Dmitry Patrushev has checked the readiness of regions to conduct top dressing of winter crops and sowing of early spring crops, especially in those subjects where the field work started or planned in the near future. During the meeting the participants also discussed issues of financial support for planting, the Minister stressed that the Ministry of agriculture and other Federal authorities are ready if necessary to provide all possible support to ensure quality and timely spring field works.

In conclusion, Dmitry Patrushev emphasized the importance of strict observance of measures of fire safety in the implementation of technological operations in the process of sowing.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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