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The company presents the tractor 75th anniversary of the great victory
The Rostselmash company at the exhibition "Interagromash" presents the tractor RSM 3575 decorated in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great victory.
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- The great Patriotic war has not spared the company. Already in the first days of the war, hundreds of employees of the company volunteered for the front. On 10 July 1941 was formed of the Rostov shooting regiment of the national militia. Two of his company consisted entirely of rostselmashevtsev. Workers fought in the partisan Mikhail Trifonov (Yugov). Thousands returned from the front with orders and medals. 14 people were awarded the highest award of the Motherland — the stars of Hero of the Soviet Union, more than 100 people awarded state awards for work in the rear. We remember, we are proud of!, - commented the company.

The representative of Rostselmash noted that the choice of tractor was not accidental, since it is the most powerful tractor produced in the Russian Federation – symbolizing the strength and power of our country. Today Rostselmash is the only CIS manufacturer of tractors of high power from 440 HP Starting serial production of high-power machines, Russia entered the market of heavy tractors, which is still attended by only foreign brands. The representative of new family of Russian tractors - 3000 series RSM – in the first season got decent ratings from consumers and experts. The victory at prestigious competition "100 best goods of Russia" - one more confirmation of high vosstrebovannosti machinery Rostselmash.

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