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The Ministry of agriculture has proposed to reduce the cost of electricity for farmers to tariffs
The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation sent to the Ministry of energy offers to reduce the cost of electricity for farmers and agricultural cooperatives with an annual income of up to 120 million rubles to the tariffs. About TASS reported the press service of the Ministry of agriculture.
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"The Ministry sent to the energy Ministry's proposal to amend Annex No. 1 to decree of the government of the Russian Federation from December 29, 2011 No. 1178 "On pricing in sphere of controlled prices (tariffs) in power industry" in terms of additions to the list of categories of consumers equated to the population and to which electric energy (capacity) supplied at regulated prices (tariffs) (in respect of the volume of consumption of electric energy used for household needs and not used for commercial (professional) activities), by producers of agricultural products whose annual income does not exceed 120 million rubles peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural consumer cooperatives", - said the representative of the Ministry of agriculture.

At the end of December 2019, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Adygea with the public on development of agriculture and rural territories in Russia promised to study the issue of complementary forms of compensation to farmers electricity costs.


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