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In Kyrgyzstan, the poor will distribute 10 000 tonnes of flour from the Fund Matreserve
The government of Kyrgyzstan decided to allocate from the Fund of material reserves of 10,000 tons of flour, which is distributed among poor families. About it reports a press-service of the government of the Republic.
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In the government underline that the state will continue to allocate the necessary amount of products in order to help the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

Assistance in the form of food kits to the poor and large families promise to provide business representatives and concerned citizens.

"In the first phase, assistance will be provided to the residents of the cities of Bishkek and Osh, where economic activities are limited and many families remain without a source of income. In the future, the assistance mechanism will be implemented in all parts of the country," said Prime Minister Muhammetguly Abylgaziev.

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