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AGROSILA completed sowing of spring crops on the area of 135 thousand hectares
AGROSILA completed the spring sowing campaign 2020. Agrarians sowed agricultural crops for more than 135 thousand acres of land, given green manure pair – 170 thousand. In the new agricultural season spring wheat was sown over 19 thousand hectares, sugar beet – 28,3 thousand hectares, barley – 41.8 thousand hectares of land. In addition, last fall more than 50 thousand hectares were sown with winter crops under harvest 2020.
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According to Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" crop Bulat Shakirov, seeding take place as planned, despite the early warming and adverse weather conditions in some parts of the country. "Every year we are completing the sowing campaign in optimum time, due to the pre-repairs, the application of digital technologies and variable rate application of fertilizers. At the end of the season of the agricultural Holding's plan to collect 511 thousand tonnes of leguminous crops under the yield of 43.6 kilograms per hectare, 62 thousand tons of oilseeds, including mustard, rapeseed and sunflower, and 1.26 million tons of sugar beet", - said Bulat Shakirov.

As for the forecasts for the harvest, today's enterprises AGROSILA come from planned values, and it is 30 kg/ha for spring crops crops, 45 kg/ha - barley, 46 kg/ha – winter crops. In the new season for the sowing campaign came to 3 billion rubles, the total area of spring crops was 170 thousand hectares. The main crops were wheat, barley, sunflower, canola, corn for grain and sugar beets. In 2020 it is planned to increase the yield of crops to 43.6 kilograms per hectare, maize — 50, sugar beet — up to 445,3. For the last year (2018-2019.) increase the yield of grain in the Holding company have averaged 9 t/ha, sugar beet 85 kg/ha. In the last seasons achieved stable yield of sunflower at 20 kg/ha.

The trends of sowing in 2020, how digital technologies are helping to implement the campaign in time, increasing productivity and innovation in crop production will be discussed in a traditional broadcast from AGROSILA. Speaker online meeting will speak Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" crop Bulat Shakirov.

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