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Rosgosstrakh insured the crops of a farm in the Belgorod region with more than 23 million rubles
Belgorod branch of the company Rosgosstrakh has insured the future harvest of barley, wheat and sunflower in the peasant farms according to the program of crop insurance with state support.
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Insurance coverage applies to cases of crop loss as a result of exposure to hazardous agricultural production of natural phenomena. Crop area insured crops is 532 hectares. Total insured amount under the agreement — more than 23 million rubles.

According to the Deputy Director for corporate insurance of Belgorod branch of "Rosgosstrakh" Evgenia Sergeeva, in the region this year for insurance with state support, there was an increased interest, and showed him not only agricultural holdings, but also many farmers. The farmers of the Belgorod region have become more active to protect the crop with the help of insurance with the updated legislative framework, which allows them to choose flexible insurance, thereby reducing the cost of the policy, as well as the support of agricultural insurance regional bodies APK.

"Agriculture is associated with a high level of risk, due to the influence of natural phenomena that cannot be controlled — says Evgeny Sergeev. Insurance is one of the most effective methods of managing these risks. Getting the confidence that he is financially protected from crop losses due to bad weather, the farmer has the opportunity to focus on issues directly related to production activities".

"Rosgosstrakh" — member of the National Union of agricultural insurers, representing the largest insurance companies in the country, working in the field of agricultural insurance with state support. The development of agricultural insurance is one of the key areas of work. The company has many years of experience in agricultural insurance and has a staff of professionals who are always ready to provide farmers with expert help as in concluding contracts and in settlement of the loss.

In the Belgorod region branch of PJSC IC "Rosgosstrakh" which includes 15 agencies and insurance departments, as well as the center of settlement of losses in the city of Belgorod.


PJSC IC "Rosgosstrakh" is the leader of domestic insurance market. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are more than 1,500 offices and representative offices of the company, about 300 centers and points of settlement of losses. The company has about 50 thousand employees and insurance agents. "Rosgosstrakh" is a Bank "Opening".6 Oct 2020 system "Rosgosstrakh" will mark 99 years since its inception. www.RGS.ru

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