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The Acron group has sold a license for production at the site of deposits of potassium salts KL 279 in Canada
Subsidiary company of JSC "Akron" – 101211205 Saskatchewan Ltd. (Canada), completed the sale of mining licenses potash license area KL 279 Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (potash division Nutrien Ltd.). KL 279 (known as the Stockholm project) is an undeveloped plot of 263,5 km2, located in the southeastern part of the canadian province of Saskatchewan.
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Acron believes that this transaction reflects the fundamental value of the potash industry, despite the turbulent market conditions at the moment.

In the possession of the Acron Group remains of the mining license, from nine sites and solution for exploration in one area of the potash Deposit in Saskatchewan in Canada with a total area of about 2 km2. The whole territory is divided into two perspective unit - the Albany project (six sites in the southern province) and Foam Lake (four sites closer to the Northern boundary of the exploration and production of potassium in the province).

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