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"My Summer" opens up new jobs in the Tula region
One of Russia's largest manufacturers of champignons "My Summer" opens up new jobs in the special economic zone of Tula region "Hub".
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"Our company is developing dynamically and every year increases its performance. In 2019, we sold 8 thousand tons of fresh mushrooms, in 2020 we aim to increase these figures. Today we have a team of about 800 employees and we plan to increase our numbers of additional qualified personnel. We are actively pursuing a new set of positions for assemblers and production specialists. We need to provide the company with people who will properly cultivate and harvest. Personnel Department of the plant has developed a social program for employees: corporate transport for delivery to the place of work and back, official employment, social package and corporate discounts on products. In addition, we offer competitive piece rate wages, which reached 70 thousand rubles per month", - said Alexey Kurbanov, CEO of greenhouse production agricultural holding "My Summer"

Mushroom production "My Summer" is among the three largest companies in the industry. On an area of 70 Hectares located two farms of cultivation, of packing plant and facilities where the prepared compost. Mushroom farm built by Dutch modern technology, which allow not only to establish continuous year-round production, but to achieve accurate planning of harvest, and therefore, profits. Using modern technology, which is used to prepare compost, greenhouses grow only environmentally friendly products without adding chemicals.



About the company TD "My Summer"

"My Summer" is one of the largest and technologically advanced producers of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in Russia. Own a greenhouse, a farm is grown annually more than 40 thousand tons of premium eco-friendly vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, greens and mushrooms with maximum production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Vegetables are grown on one of Russia's largest greenhouses with an area of 105 ha. Production is located in the special economic zone Kaluga Lyudinovo. Grown over 50 different varieties of fresh vegetables. A division of TD "My Summer", dedicated to the production of vegetables, – LLC "agro-invest".

Mushrooms are produced at the facilities of OOO "Agrogreen" in the special economic zone of Tula region "Hub". The complex area of 3.9 hectares is among the three largest companies in the industry.

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