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Highly effective agromashiny Rostselmash on "Russian field day"
The exhibition will be held from 9 to 11 July in the city of Bryansk with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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This year, the agriculture Ministry decided to hold the event not only in the traditional format, but also online, which will increase its scope to meet current development of domestic agriculture a wider audience, as well as new ways to look at the issues of development of agriculture, agricultural science and technology.

Field day is a large — scale exhibition of advanced technologies of agriculture, demonstrated in real field conditions. The event will feature a wide range of modern agricultural machinery and equipment, fertilizers and plant protection products, the latest achievements in the field of crop breeding.

The exposition the plant will be submitted next agromashin. The company presents: combine harvester TORUM 785, tractors 1000-th, 2000-th and trailer sprayer TS 3200.

Modern machinery allows to optimize different technological processes – from preparing the soil and fertilizing to planting and harvesting. To date, every stage of work in the field involves the use of high-performance, multi-functional units that perform the process efficiently and quickly, saving fuel, money and labor, - said the representative of Rostselmash.

So - TORUM 785 - through design solutions it is considered a high-performance combine harvester in the world market (capacity exceeding 45 tons per hour). The model is a patented threshing and separating device with a rotating deck, which gives the claimed performance even on complex agricultural background.

RSM 2375 — universal tractor with articulated frame and a one-dimensional wheels. This is a very efficient machine, it is able in one season to handle more than 2 000 ha various operations of any technology — from classical to no-till.

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