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The Ministry of agriculture to change the rules of validation exporters of livestock products
Officials believe the change will allow Russian companies to comply with the requirements of importers and thus increase your export potential
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The agriculture Ministry has developed a bill that will amend the law "On veterinary medicine". In a document posted on the portal regulation.gov.rusays that it needs to guarantee fulfilment of the obligations Russia accepted when joining the world trade organization (WTO). We are talking about the veterinary control over the organizations or individuals exporting or planning to export goods outside the EEC.

In the explanatory Memorandum to the bill States that the legislation of several States of the WTO provides that products of animal origin shall be imported "with certified (surveyed) objects that are associated with maintenance of animals, production, processing and (or) storage of controlled goods". It could be, particularly on poultry farms, different farms, meat processing plants and other facilities relevant to the production of products of animal origin.

To meet the requirements of importers are invited to register in the law "On veterinary medicine" standards for the examination of objects where goods subject to veterinary control, are exported abroad. Inspect will at the request of the owner or tenant of the facility "with respect to the types of controlled goods and States importers", or at the request of the importing country in case the authorities will declare the conformity of production or products veterinary requirements. The order in which the surveys will establish the government. Checking will be free.

"The results of the survey objects are recognized as relevant veterinary requirements or concerning them prescribe the conditions under which the objects will conform to veterinary requirements," the document says. Information about productions and the results of inspections will come in the information system, data needs to be updated. Thus, to avoid tests will production, information about which was posted in the Federal system in the field of veterinary medicine prior to the entry into force of the bill.

According to the authors of the bill, the document will allow Russian companies to comply with the requirements of importers and thus increase their export potential. This, in turn, will positively affect the dynamics of the unhindered promotion of domestic products to the markets of other countries. In addition, the resolution of the export issues with each individual country dragging out the negotiation process, and the creation of a unified and clear requirements for the examination procedures before the export of controlled goods will allow to avoid unjustified claims to the exporters on behalf of the veterinary services of other countries.

According to the Executive Director of the "Rincon management" Konstantin Korneev, the bill likely will not lead to a radical change of the existing algorithms. "Everything is spelled out in the document, and so is: the examination takes place, and the system "Cerberus" this information is. Now only if these procedures are carried out in accordance with the order of the Rosselkhoznadzor, with the approval of the bill will pass at the legislative level, will be spelled out in the law On Veterinary medicine with the relevant legal basis", — he commented "the Agroinvestor". Korneyev added that now it is impossible to export out of the country livestock products not certified with the enterprise.

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