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Canned antlers 40.3 million. USA exported from the Republic of Altai 2017
The Republic of Altai is the most promising region of Siberia for the development of maral breeding. The total number of marals in the Altai Republic is 56.2 per thousand heads is 78% of all Russian deer. The share of the region accounts for 56% of elite breeding marals in the Russian Federation. Maral breeding is most developed in the Ust-Koksinsky area, where 46% of the herd.
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In the Altai Republic there are 76 farms of different ownership forms that are active in this industry. The largest farms for the breeding of marals are: SPK "Abay", SEC PZ "Tenginskoe", LLC "Verkhniy uymon, LTD., maral of Calosoma", SPK talica, OOO "Morum-2", LLC "Niva", JSC "Kitang".

Every year the regional enterprises produce more than 38 tons of canned antlers. Canned antlers are an export product.

As of 2017, the total export canned velvet antlers made of 141,289 MT $ 40 329,4 thousand dollars. USA. The largest country-importer of these products is the Republic of Korea, accounting for 88.7% of exports of antlers.

In addition to the antlers, the red deer farm produce and related products, such as meat and blood of deer.

"The leadership of maralovodka of the Altai Republic in the production of antler products shows potential for the development of the industry of antlers reindeer breeding in the region. It should be noted that only 5% of the production of antler reindeer breeding is processed in the Altai Republic. The main volume of get in the region of canned antlers (about 90%) is exported to the Republic of Korea, where further processing is carried out. Altai Republic is able to supply antler products to processing enterprises of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and in the future to provide medicines to about 4% of the population", — emphasized in the Altai branch of fsbi "Center Agrobaltika".

In addition, from the Republic of Altai honey exports: total exports of honey from 2017 onwards amounted to 25,116 tons in the amount of 279,57 thousand dollars. USA.

Another unique article in regional exports is bracken. In 2016, the negotiations between the representatives of the Centre for the development of tourism and entrepreneurship of Altai Republic and the leadership of the Japanese company N. R. B. Co Ltd has discussed the annual supply of saline products of bracken in Japan. In 2017, it exported 16.2 tonnes with a total value of 27.67 thousand dollars. USA. In 2018-2019, the exports from the region was carried out. In 2020 began negotiations on the resumption of exports of ferns in Japan, provided that the quality of the goods and services will satisfy both sides.

Prepared by the Altai branch of fsbi "Center Agrobaltika"

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