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Arrived: robots are employed in plant breeding
Aprobaty not only engaged in cultivation of crops, but also collect data for scientific research in selection of crops
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Read more about says Margie Eckelkamp in his article on the portal www.agprofessional.com.

"Startup EarthSense reports that in 2019 40 his robots gathered more than 10 terabytes of data, and this year the company will increase the number of robots for the science to 100 pieces.

"In our first pilot tests in 2018, we tested the robots for crop breeding at the universities and seed companies, and received good results, are going to move forward, expanding the diversity of plants," says co - founder and CEO EarthSense Chinmay Saumane.

EarthSense works closely with over seven seed companies from 2017, including Corteva and Ag Reliant, the parent company KWS.

Soman believes that one of the greatest achievements of the company today is the development of these partnerships (some for four years) with the leaders of seed, and how the technology has proved valuable in product development.

"Agriculture starts with seeds. Helping to make the best seeds, we help to create a better basis for agriculture. And we have found a niche in providing truly unique data to make crop breeding more efficient and cost effective," explains soman.

In the field the robots gather data, and make high resolution images under the canopy of plants. Unlike humans, robots do not get tired and do not miss the smallest detail will be overlooked and not lose the collected important information.

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