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A new company has joined the voluntary Code of obligations of producers of soft drinks
On 9 July, the Union of producers of soft drinks and mineral waters took part in the session "self-regulation as a trend for the element of responsibility". The event was a solemn joining of the three companies to the Code the voluntary commitments of producers of soft drinks: LLC Aquanika, GK BOBIMEX and LLC "United bottling Group".
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The event was held in the framework of the conference "Sustainable development - sources, progress and prospects in Russia and the world" and was devoted to the development of good business practices of manufacturers of juice products, packaged water and soft drinks. Participants told how taking on voluntary commitments they can have a significant impact not only on long-term consumer trends, but also on the implementation of the state policy (for example, in the field of healthy lifestyle, support local producers, and antitrust regulation, and more).

In December 2019, was signed for an important industry document – Code the voluntary commitments of producers of soft drinks, it was signed by 8 companies, which form 61% of the total soft drinks market of Russia. The code was a new tool that helped to consolidate the efforts of the industry in the development of a culture of sustainable consumption and practices of self-regulation. Supporting the national project "Demography", the signatory companies have made a voluntary commitment to reduce by 10% the amount of added sugar in the portfolio produced drinks until the end of 2024. The company plans to Supplement the portfolio of small packaging formats that will help consumers to better regulate the amount of sugar, and also assumed obligations as fully as possible to inform customers about the composition and nutritional value of products and do not advertise beverages with added sugar for children.

"The Russian soft drinks industry looks at the development of the industry and consistently sees its role not only in solving industrial and business problems but also in addressing social aspects, - said the President of the Union of Maxim Novikov. The business community will continue to focus on key needs of society and the state in maintaining human health and rational consumption of food and to take concrete steps."

The Union of producers of soft drinks and mineral waters was founded in 2002 and unites a responsible manufacturer of soft drinks, mineral water, juices and nectars, which accounted for more than 70% of produced volume in the Russian market.

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