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Weekly review of the sugar market from July 10, 2020
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Excerpts from the review:

According to departmental monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, the third consecutive week, producer prices for sugar in the country to show marginal growth: +0.4% over the week, up to 25 551 rubles/ton on July 8. The price adjustment occurred in the Central (+0.7% to 26 134 RUB/t) and Volga (+0.4% to 27 155 RUB/t) Federal districts mainly due to the increase in the cost of the quantity of sugar in the Lipetsk region (27 001 RUB/t) and the Republic of Tatarstan (26 723 RUB/t).
On the date of monitoring, the maximum price of sugar was recorded in the Volga region (27 155 RUB/tonne), the price of sugar in the South of Russia (23 820 RUB./t).
According to the "Center Agrobaltika", month selling prices for sugar in Russia increased on average by 2.0% in comparison with last year still remains negative dynamics at the level of -8,7%.
According to Rosstat, consumer prices for sugar for the week increased slightly (+0,1%) — to RUB for 36.05/kg. the positive dynamics was observed in the Urals (+0,3%), Central (+0,2%), North West (+0,1%), North Caucasian (+0.1%) and Siberian (+0,1%) Federal districts.

According to the FCS of Russia, in early July for the first time in season 2019/20 was produced supplies of white sugar to Estonia: exported 0.23 MT of products.
This week from June 29 to July 5, a significant volume of products was exported to countries such as Uzbekistan (8.3 tons), Ukraine (1.9 thousand tonnes), Tajikistan (1.6 thousand tons) and Azerbaijan (1.4 thousand tons), which accounted for 86.8% of the weekly volume (excluding the trade with EAEU countries). A whole week exported 15.2 thousand tonnes of white sugar, which is below the shipments of the previous week by 25.9%. Exports of raw sugar per week increased to 42.2 tons due to the resumption of supplies to Uzbekistan: the country imported of 42.0 MT of Russian products, or 99.5% of the weekly volume.
More than half (51.3%) of the total volume of sugar exported from Russia for a week, were delivered from the Krasnodar territory and the Lipetsk region.
In the current season, according to the "Center Agrobaltika", sugar exports reached incredibly high rates and by 5 July was 1 319,5 thousand tons (excluding exports to the EAEU in June — July), exceeding last year's result for the same period of 6.3 times.
Most of the exports in the season-2019/20 accounts for white sugar, whose share as of July 5, was 1 184,5 thousand tons, or 89.8 per cent of total sugar deliveries (excluding trade with EAEU countries in June — July).
Import of sugar for a week (as of 5 July) totaled 223 MT (-15,8% to the previous week). Of these, the largest volume of procurement was at the raw sugar (198 t), which for the first time in the current season bought from Malawi (147 tonnes) and Italy (1.1 t).

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