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AGROSILA: Seed plant achieved reduction of loss of seeds to 5%
Seed plant AGROSILA brings a two-year experiment of the line of the separator. According to the company, it helped to reduce loss of seeds to 5-10%.
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"The separator was installed in 2018. If with the previously existing capacity of the waste went to 25% seed, today managed to reach the minimum loss of 5%. On our Factory installed separator production Denmark, with a capacity of 15 tons per hour. This is one of the most innovative technologies on the market. The software calculates the diametrical sizes of seeds. Together with different types of cameras photoseparator helps to eliminate flow non-separated from seeds with the most accurate definition of their belonging to the waste, or seeds. So, after several steps, we achieve a purity of 99.99% and of conformity", - said the head of the Seed plant "JSC agrosila" Aibulat Yakupov.

The separator is equipped with cameras, five of them major, two for a re-cleaning of the removed material. In addition to culling the weeds, it is able to remove seeds infected with diseases, which can be seen visually, either for the spectral cameras. As noted by Aybulat Yakupov, in 2020 it is planned to increase the acceptance of the pea and mustard, as well as to start the installation of the third automated line for fine-seed crops and small batches of original seeds. Today, two of the available calibration lines of the Plant avoids the mixing of crops, and the calibration photoseparator allows to reduce the number of infected seeds in the bulk seed.

Agronomy service of the Seed Plant is actively working to increase sowing qualities due to the introduction of seed cleaning and treatment equipment, as well as increase the efficiency of treatment of seeds depending on the temperature of the working solution. Annually AGROSILA processes of the plant protection products (NWR), more than 500 thousand hectares In the processing of land apply all security measures and the latest technology. Investment in complex plant protection products and disinfectants in the Holding is estimated at 500 million rubles in 2020. According to Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" crop Bulat Shakirov, is about 17% of the total amount allocated for seeds and fertilizer for the new season. Every hectare farmers are treated at least twice, observing the requirements of the SanPiN regulations.

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