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In the "Battle for the harvest" comes a new generation of LEXION
At the exhibition AGROSALON 2020 CLAAS will present to experts and farmers the unique performance of the new generation of combine harvesters LEXION 8700 in combination with the universal FLEX Reaper CONVIO 1080 recorded on the Russian fields!
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The first harvesting were already in the end of June in the Krasnodar region in the fields of winter barley and more than 10 demonstrations, which will cover the South of Russia and the Central black earth district.

LEXION 8700 with a generic header CONVIO FLEX 1080 will be used for cleaning of wheat, barley, canola, soybeans and peas.

Recall, combine harvester LEXION 8700 represents the second generation of machines, which embodies all the best achievements of engineers from CLAAS. In particular, its new "heart" has become advanced threshing system APS HYBRID SYNFLOW, which combines the tangential APS threshing system and efficient separation system ROTO PLUS provides increased performance with minimal loss, and high quality grain in the bin.

During the demonstrations quickly set up the machine for different crops and in different soil and climatic conditions will help a learning support system mechanic CEMOS AUTOMATIC. In the onboard terminal of the combine both in manual and in automatic mode, you can adjust the position of the dampers and the Dec, the speed of rotation of reels in the range from 160 to 920 rpm and many other parameters that determine the intensity of the processing plant mass.

To accurately follow the desired path of motion when working with wide-10-metre header CONVIO FLEX 1080 machine will help FIELD SCANNER mounted on the roof of the cab of the sensor, regardless of the width and type of harvester recognizes left and right outside edges and tramlines. And all the operating parameters and harvesting of different crops will be recorded by the TELEMATICS system.

New combine harvester LEXION 8700, which directly takes part in the demonstration, after the completion of the harvest season will be presented at the stand of CLAAS by 2020 AGROSALON in Moscow. The exhibitors will be able to see the indicators of its performance recorded at harvesting.


The exhibition AGROSALON will be held from 6 to 9 October 2020 in Moscow in international exhibition center "Crocus Expo".

The show officially included in a number of the largest international expositions of agricultural machinery, and is the only in Russia exhibition representing the products of leading world manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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