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Freight report, week 29 2020
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Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea
Tonnage: Bonfire

Freight market of Azov region on the 29-th week sensitive to changes in commodity market. The grain has grown in price, since a significant number it was shipped from deep-water ports, where the purchase price is traditionally higher. As a result, sales from the Azov ports have declined and open cargo lacuna since 31 weeks, almost there, and those that do appear are very quickly closed. The average rate from Rostov for Samsun fell to $15 per ton. Steady trend in the decline so far, probably rates will remain at current levels at the 30th and 31st weeks, with fluctuations in both directions around the dollar.

The price of wheat in the domestic market pushed up and lowered yield forecasts. In the Stavropol region while it is estimated at 18% less than last year's level, in the Krasnodar region — 24%, in the Rostov region — on 2%. It is expected that the situation is gradually equalized after will increase the rate of harvest in the Central regions of Russia and the Volga region.

Rates from river ports, in contrast, is not reduced. This is due to several factors, but primarily by the water level in the lower reaches of the don, which gives the possibility to work properly only ships of the type "Omskiy". At last, besides, high demand for work in transit. Rates of river ports remained almost at the same level, but below ideas of Shipowners for $7-8. So, from Balakovo to Samsun Charterers willing to discuss the rate of 32-$33 per ton, and the Owners want $40 and above. This is because at the beginning of the negotiations on the shipments, part of the Charterers showed to all high money, but in the future because the real economy to sell them could not, however, formed the idea that the goods for such money can be found.

Rains in the black sea delayed the harvest and shipments from Ukraine on the market a bit. The grain is mostly large companies, small players it is difficult to compete. The latter is mainly shipped niche products, meal, bran, by-products of. As a consequence, the growth rate of Ukraine has stopped, and is kept at a little more than $10 per ton on the flight from Kherson to the Marmara and the Adriatic or the Eastern Mediterranean a little below $20.

In the Central regions of Russia are actively harvesting, and the grain of the new harvest comes on the market. In the near future it should be reflected in the market of the Caspian sea, where freight rates are still on the verge of profitability. The first will enter the market barley, price of which is in the Caspian region is quite high and is more attractive for sellers than in the Azov region. It is expected that in the coming two weeks the Caspian market goes up.

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