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The latest Russian forage harvester will be presented at the exhibition AGROSALON 2020
In the framework of AGROSALON exhibition 2020, which will be held from 6 to 9 October in Moscow, the Rostselmash company, which is part of the Association "Rosspetsmash", presents a number of novelties and premieres.
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One of the main Prime will be an ultra forage harvester RSM F 2650, developed on the basis of the global platform the company created specifically for high-yielding backgrounds and is best suited to large agricultural enterprises that have the need for harvesting high-quality forage in large volumes.

This machine has incorporated the best technical solutions in the industry, so it is both high-performance, economical, simple and intelligent.

The main operational characteristics

Mercedes-Benz 650 HP paired with a hydrostatic transmission provides a stable and efficient operation in difficult conditions, smooth, soft speed adjustment. On one filling tank capacity 1500 liters, you can work up to 12 hours in the loaded mode with a speed up to 15 km/h Transport speed — 25 or 40 km/h.

The default forage harvester RSM F 2650 is offered with rear-wheel drive, but optionally available polnoprivodnyj version. For different working conditions are provided and three sizes of tires, including 900 mm for movement on soils with low bearing capacity.

By the way, the machine dimensions with standard tires allow for additional support of movement on roads of General purpose, and retrofit control system tire pressure gives the opportunity to develop speed on the stretch up to 40 km/h.

Thanks to the system of longitudinally-transversal relief on the forage harvester can work with adapters width to 7.5 m, and thanks to the quick hitch with quick release coupling connecting the reapers takes minutes. The drive of the feeder and hydraulic adapters.

Grinding machine with a drum width of 705 mm and a diameter of 630 mm with 24 V-arranged blades rotates at speeds up to 1200 rpm./min. and equipped with a hydraulic system infinitely variable adjustment of cutting lengths range from 4 to 22 mm Dotmarketing lagernogo type with the difference between speeds of rolls at 20 % now have setup in the transport channel — a handy feature.

The universal system of any preservatives suggests the possibility of working with concentrated or diluted with water drugs. Consumption when using concentrates from 0.3 l to 6 l/h, when using diluted preparations — from 10 l up to 300 l/h And the set of functions measuring the moisture level of the ground mass, bandwidth estimation and control of dosage drugs in accordance with current information significantly improves the effectiveness of the system of any preservatives.

Intelligence and convenience

In addition to the usual convenient and smart system management and control manufacturer in series complements the harvesters RSM F 2650 system remote monitoring "Agrotronic". More than 80 parameters are passed through GPRS modem and is available both online and in the record from any connected to the computer system. Additionally offer many options, such as a "field laboratory" for determining the composition of the crushed mass, mapping of yield, driving, etc., etc.

For ease of maintenance combine harvester equipped with a compressor with a receiver capacity of 100 l, automatic lubrication system, system of video monitoring of the zone of discharge, a rear view camera.

A new generation of forage harvesters will be equipped with new unified adapters. Harvester for harvesting stemmed the silo width 4,5/ 6/ 7,5 M. MaizeHeader. The picker 3 or 4m. a Rotary harvester for leafy silage width of 6 m.

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