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The party is unique for the Russian market of semi-trailers TONAR released and sent to Nizhny Novgorod oblast
TONAR, which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", released and delivered to one of the largest companies in vegetable production in the Nizhny Novgorod oblast the party of semi-trailers Tonar-Tonar and 9591-9593, which have no analogues in the Russian market.
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Equipment designed for the transportation of agricultural crops with a specific density not exceeding 800 kg/cubic m. the Main advantage of these models is bottom unloading by rubber bladed conveyor, which together with durogesic belts can protect cultures from damage. This is very important because in the store should be laid undamaged crops.

The body volume of semi-trailers is 40 cubic meters (model 9591) and 26 cubic meters (model 9593). The technique allows for unloading in areas with restricted height, without the use of additional equipment.

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