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Benefits of installing the separator
The scope of photoseparation ✔Removal of infected grain ✔ Separation of harmful impurities ✔Reduced process water treatment flow ✔Reducing losses of usable product
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The separator allows the separation of difficultly separable impurities which are very difficult, and often impossible to remove with traditional cleaning machines, mechanical and aerodynamic. Fotoarhivatsiya machine allows you to sort components, which are similar in size and aerodynamic properties with a valuable product.

Most of the impurities that have passed along with the main product the primary sort, and excessie similar features: the same shape and weight (oat, Tatar grechishka, mineral mixture, seeds of other crops affected by pests of grain, paddy grain cereals, etc.). How to sort such products based on comparing the color of fit and unfit grains, not only in the visible light spectrum. The quality of the work photocarcinogenic equipment in the separation of such impurities is very nice, and often as high as 99.99% purity.

Scope of photoseparation widely – used by all branches of industrial sorting and purity of the product fit 99% solves a number of problems associated with high production requirements.

Photoelectronic separator is used in crop production, grain processing and milling industry, for sorting grains, cereals, maslinica, legumes.

The benefits of the installation of the separator:

  • The separation of non-separated impurities with minimal loss (wild oat, paluska, grechishka Tatar, etc.).

  • The separation of harmful impurities (smut, ergot, Fusarium grain grain with black Bud, etc.).

  • Removal of infected grain

  • Reducing losses of usable product.

  • The reduction of the technological scheme of purification of the product.

  • Getting a visually appealing final product (clean, uniform, free of impurities).

  • The ability to use in the production process of raw materials of lower quality, while maintaining the required quality of the finished product.

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