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In June on the farm in the Kaluga region, the company CLAAS has performed demonstration tests of technology for fodder. Experts have compared the performance of tractors AXION 850 and the ARION 640C in combination with wide-cut mowers DISCO. The test results confirmed that the use of triplex mowers ("butterflies") without performance loss is possible not only with a powerful tractor with 150 HP, such as ARION 640C.
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Demonstration work was carried out in the harvesting of mixtures of cereals with clover. Overall, it was removed about 85 hectares. Tractor AXION 850, aggregated mowers, the DISCO 3200 FC MOVE, DISCO 9200 CAS (with finger conditioner and an active Transporter), at a speed of 15 km/h showed performance in 13.5 hectares/h. Less powerful of ARION 640C equipped with mowers, the DISCO 3200 F, DISCO 8500 Trend (classic lawn mower without air conditioning and without conveyor), showed almost the same operating speed of 14.5 km/h performance of 11.5 ha/HR.

Also during the tests were compared to results with the use of tractors automatic guidance system GPS pilot without it. By ensuring the maximum possible capture the performance of the mowers in the activation functions driving increased by at least 10-15%.

"The wide-cut combination mower with a tractor ARION 640 we have experienced for the first time. It's more affordable combination for small and medium farms, with minor amounts of forage and small herbage. For them, such a decision may be more cost-effective than the acquisition of a powerful tractor or using a mower with a smaller width. Thus, our clients a greater set of options for acquiring the optimum combination of equipment," - commented the results of the demonstration Alexey Egorov, head of the division for the advancement of technology, the company "CLAAS Vostok".


On the CLAAS

CLAAS (www.claas.com) was founded in 1913 as a family business, and she is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The company is headquartered in the Westphalian town of Harsewinkel is the European market leader in combine harvesters. Global leadership CLAAS reserves and in the field of self-propelled forage harvesters. Leading positions on the world market of agricultural machinery owned by the company CLAAS in the field of tractors, agricultural balers and forage equipment. The company assortment includes the most modern information technology in the field of agriculture. Today around the world CLAAS has approximately 11,000 employees. 2019 turnover for the year amounted to 3,898 billion euros.

In Russia the company works since 1992. In 2003 it started production of combine harvesters. Currently, the plant "KLAAS" in Krasnodar is fourth largest among the 13 manufacturing enterprises of concern worldwide. The plant produces TUCANO combine harvesters and tractors, the AXION, XERION.

Marketing techniques arranged through a sales company "CLAAS Vostok" in Moscow with the participation of 19 partner companies, which operate on the territory of Russia.

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