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Intelligent use of water
"We understand the value of water only when the well dries up", hardly ever the words of Benjamin Franklin, one of founding fathers of the United States of America, sounded so appropriate. Water is one of the most valuable resources, but its reserves mercilessly runs out. In the last article of the section "History" tells about how the Corporation CNH Industrial implements the principle of reasonable use of water with the aim of preserving this natural resource.
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Most people who have never experienced a shortage of water, take its availability for granted — simply open the tap. But today, with the growth of the world population, accelerating industrialization and urbanization, the demand for this important resource is significantly increased. The basis of the solution of this problem based on two principles: reducing the consumption and waste reduction.

The Corporation CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) believe that sustainable use of water resources is not only important for protecting ecosystems, but also for business development. Without water it is impossible to imagine effective work of the Corporation. At the same time on plants all measures are taken to reduce the consumption of water without compromising product quality.

The best illustration of how the Corporation is CNH Industrial is moving from theory to practice, serve as actual examples of reasonable utilization of water in enterprises. The article allows readers to look at several plants of the Corporation in different parts of the world and learn about specific measures to reduce water consumption and re-use. The geography of travel is extensive: from a plant in płock (Poland) plant in Pithampur (India) via Tunisia, where the project is to collect water. You will realize that brought the Corporation to the CNH Industrial leadership in the field of the environmentally sound management of water resources within the concept of sustainable development as it was able to implement innovative projects, involving employees and the local community.

Recent progress in this direction has been recognized at the international level: the Corporation was included in the list of international companies that are leaders in the field of efficient use of water resources (compiled by CDP).


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