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A positive image on each new package Pretto
Brand of Italian fresh cheeses Pretto revived your package design with positive images of a happy family. The bright yellow background was changed to heat-solar soft color, and the logo has acquired a more direct and rigorous form. New design to allow lilo to strengthen the quality, characteristics and properties of the packaging through which the products Pretto loved by families across the country.
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Brand Pretto exists since 2012. In 2017, was made bright to market for fresh cheese solution – product release in a dazzling Sunny colour. This innovation helped to attract buyers and increase sales by 40% over the year.

Despite the steady growth of sales (according to Nilsen: for the first half of 2020 increased by 28%) the team Pretto launches a new fresh design.

The redesign allows you to attract new customers, while maintaining product recognition. And its main characteristics to emphasize:

The main yellow color became warmer and softer

The logo is more severe and geometric

The colors of the Italian flag painted letters in the logo

Foodstyling conducted with a focus on the product.

The main innovation was the placement on the package pictures of heroes, happy families Pretto — representatives of different generations. Each has its own mood and emotions, your character and taste. Family, love, happiness — the essential values of the brand. After all, as Leo Tolstoy wrote, "happy families are all alike."

— Pretto cheeses produced according to traditional Italian recipes, but using the most modern technologies. Now the package passes these values: preservation of traditions and innovation. A family feast — part of the cultural code of the Italians that we are trying to bring into our products. Photos of the heroes of happy families Pretto steel innovative solution — we are the first on the market fresh cheeses adorned the packaging with images of people, — explained the Director of brand marketing Pretto Elena Kondrashova.



The company Umalat for more than 15 years produces fresh cheeses perfect taste and impeccable quality.

The company's portfolio includes three brands: Unagrande, Pretto and "Umalat". The company's products Umalat submitted to the Federal food networks, and is also used in the preparation of meals in the best cafes and restaurants in the country.

The company's products Umalat considered to be one of the best due to its excellent flavour and consistently high quality.

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