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минсельхоз РФ
четверг, 23 июля 2020
The Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev has held a meeting of operational headquarters for monitoring the situation of socially significant agricultural products and food. The participants, including representatives of the Council of Federation, Federal Executive authorities, regional agricultural administrative bodies and trade associations, discussed the situation in agriculture and in the food market of Russia.

понедельник, 20 июля 2020
On 16 April the Government signed a decree No. 522 (hereinafter - Decree), allowing domestic sugar producers to conclude an agreement for the export of white and raw sugar outside the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).

пятница, 17 июля 2020

четверг, 16 июля 2020
It will also be able to save money spent on long-term storage of confiscated tobacco, according to the Department

вторник, 14 июля 2020
The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation submitted to the government a bill of goods with improved environmental performance, told journalists the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev.

The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation plans to 2024 to translate all the services into electronic form, told reporters during the exhibition "Russian field day", the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev.

среда, 08 июля 2020
Officials believe the change will allow Russian companies to comply with the requirements of importers and thus increase your export potential

понедельник, 06 июля 2020
The Ministry of agriculture is discussing the proposal of the Union of grain exporters on the creation in Russia of the Fund of food wheat for millers, but believes that while it is not necessary.

The Ministry of agriculture is planning to carry out purchasing interventions in the grain market of the Russian Federation (the purchase of grain to the state intervention Fund), as required, reported to journalists the first Deputy Minister of agriculture Dzhambulat Hatuov.

пятница, 26 июня 2020
Earlier, a similar idea has already been expressed, however, raised questions about technological and legislative viewpoints

понедельник, 22 июня 2020
The Ministry of agriculture began implementation of a mechanism of compensation of costs related to the certification of agricultural products to foreign markets in the framework of the decree of the RF Government of December 25, 2019 No. 1816.

пятница, 19 июня 2020
Federal scientific-technical program of development of agriculture can be complemented by three routines

The Russian government will allocate 4.5 billion rubles for support of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and subsidising of leasing. This was announced by Prime-Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

четверг, 18 июня 2020
The new season is planned to carry out purchasing interventions

понедельник, 15 июня 2020
The products of Russian agriculture comes in 157 countries of the world, including grain - in 138 countries. This was announced by state Secretary - Deputy Minister of agriculture Ivan Lebedev during the AGROFORUM "Russian agriculture: who will feed the country?" on Thursday.

четверг, 11 июня 2020
The global decline in purchasing power and increased competition pose new challenges for the development of foreign trade in food

среда, 10 июня 2020
According to the document, government can support lending to farmers, if the share of income from the sale of these products in total income is not less than 70% per year.

понедельник, 01 июня 2020
If the government decides to abandon the incomplete returns, the bulk of exporters will make it happen

четверг, 21 мая 2020
In the Kuban, Stavropol and Rostov region yields may be reduced by 30%