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четверг, 01 октября 2020
Тепличный комплекс «Овощи Черноземья», входит в состав агропромышленного холдинга «ЭКО-культура», примет участие в ярмарке вакансий «Белая работа» 1 октября 2020 года. Мероприятие пройдет в Межокружном центре по работе с населением Липецкой области. HR-специалисты Агрохолдинга расскажут посетителям об открытых вакансиях и уникальных для региона условиях труда.

среда, 09 сентября 2020
С 9 по 11 октября 2020 года в Москве пройдет ключевое событие для ценителей здорового образа жизни, вегетарианства и осознанного потребления – федеральная выставка Veg-Life Expo. Мероприятие организуется уже в девятый раз и по праву считается крупнейшей ЗОЖ-выставкой России.

среда, 02 сентября 2020
Представители агропромышленного холдинга «ЭКО-культура» выступят в роли амбассадоров проекта РСХБ «Школа Фермера», где на практике обучат участников особенностям организации тепличного дела. Этот проект — вклад в профессиональную подготовку сельскохозяйственных специалистов. Реализация программы поможет росту фермерства: после четырех потоков обучения в России будет до 1000 новых фермеров.

четверг, 27 августа 2020
Согласно прогнозам*, рынок растительных альтернатив в ближайшие 10 лет может составить 10% мирового рынка мяса и перерасти в индустрию стоимостью 140 млрд. долларов. Какова доля на этом рынке будет у российских производителей и можно ли ожидать появление местного Beyond Meat в ближайшие годы? Участники проекта «Едим лучше» создали руководство, где собрали всю важную информацию по производству растительных альтернатив мясу.

понедельник, 10 августа 2020
In a pandemic Covid-19 enterprises of the protected ground was able to increase the performance for production of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes more than 20%. This was stated by the Deputy of the state Duma, President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia" Alexey Sitnikov, commenting on the data released yesterday by the Ministry of agriculture, according to which the collection of vegetables in greenhouses in the first half of 2020 amounted to 840 thousand tons, which is by 22.5% more than in 2019.

пятница, 24 июля 2020
As of July 21, 2020 the average price of domestic greenhouse tomatoes in Russia does not exceed 64 rubles/kg, which is 2 times lower than for the corresponding period last year (120 rubles/kg), according to the official price statistics of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia".

среда, 22 июля 2020
Waitrose, a British company, expects this summer, the increased demand for vegan products for barbecue, as consumers want more greens on the grill

четверг, 16 июля 2020
On 23 June the Ministry of economic development has asked the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation to assess the implications of the abolition of quotas on imports of Turkish tomatoes. The question was raised during the working group meeting on protective measures in foreign trade of the government Commission on economic development and integration.

среда, 15 июля 2020
Waiting until the green tomatoes will begin to ripen can seem an eternity. As if out of spite they refuse to change color, to annoy gardeners. How to outwit these stubborn people?

пятница, 26 июня 2020
Revenue 96% of the largest greenhouse enterprises, members of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia", fell during a pandemic, for 25% or more. This is stated in the study of the impact of a pandemic on the greenhouse industry, which was held by the Association in June.

среда, 24 июня 2020
The Russian law on organic production require Russian certification for organics, however, import raw materials and products is part of our market with foreign certificates.

среда, 17 июня 2020
For Cocinados, S. L. a new plant in the city of Funes (Navarra) for the production of ready to eat Spanish tortilla became ambitious project, allowing to significantly increase the volume of production. In modern conditions to achieve high standards of product quality depends directly on the introduction of cutting-edge technologies. That's why the company bought a second machine TOMRA 5B improved design.

вторник, 09 июня 2020
Producers of greenhouse vegetables, mushrooms and flowers have to overcome the consequences of the pandemic without additional measures of the state support in connection with the Government's decision not to include APK in the list of industries affected by the epidemic. This was stated by the President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia" Alexey Sitnikov.

понедельник, 25 мая 2020

четверг, 21 мая 2020
The largest company engaged in the production of vegetables "agro-invest" (enters in GK "My Summer") with an area of 105 Ha opens up 350 vacancies in the special economic zone Kaluga Lyudinovo.

среда, 20 мая 2020
However, the industry still has to face the serious consequences of the crisis

вторник, 19 мая 2020
The volume of the harvest of greenhouse vegetables by mid-may 2020 exceeded last year's figures by more than 25%. This was announced by the President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia" Alexey Sitnikov. According to him, growers of greenhouse vegetables has reached record production volumes, despite the restrictive measures of population protection from coronavirus infection.

вторник, 12 мая 2020
Mini vegetables – a fashion trend in recent years. The reason for their popularity in ecology, a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And of course, in an unusual size. About when in fact there was this miniature products and how to grow different types of mini-vegetables, says agronomist-consultant of the company TECHNONIKOL, PhD. of agricultural Sciences Alexander Startsev.

четверг, 07 мая 2020
Due to the crisis producers of greenhouse vegetables are unable to save enough money to survive the off-season

среда, 06 мая 2020
May 4 a working visit to the greenhouse complex of the APH "ECO-culture" in the village of Bochinovka visited the Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov. For him a tour of TK "Vegetables of the earth" and distribution center opened in April 2020, held by the Director of the complex Michael Veretennikov. The Governor studied the particular labor conditions during the period of the pandemic and the willingness of the greenhouse complex to take more than 1,000 new employees this year.