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четверг, 13 августа 2020
Министерство сельского хозяйства России предлагает включить сложные минеральные удобрения в перечень товаров, перевозка которых на Дальний Восток ж/д транспортом по льготным тарифам компенсируется из бюджета. Соответствующий документ опубликован на федеральном портале проектов нормативных правовых актов.

понедельник, 03 августа 2020
UPL выпускает фунгицид для обработки семян арахиса с тремя активными ингредиентами и совместимостью с биостимулирующим удобрением. Это позволит производителям арахиса защищать урожай по-новому

пятница, 31 июля 2020
According to the Russian Association of fertilizer producers (brine), domestic producers in the first half of the year increased the supply of the domestic market by 15.6%, compared to the same period last year.

среда, 29 июля 2020
The Acron group, one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world in the first half of 2020 shipped to the domestic market of about 750 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, 30% more than in the same period of 2019.

четверг, 23 июля 2020
The Acron group on its site in Veliky Novgorod is implementing a project to increase the capacity of the unit "Ammonia-4" up to 2500 t/day, which is 21% above the original design capacity. Investment in the project will amount to 34 million dollars. USA.

понедельник, 20 июля 2020
The microbial biofertilizers market is estimated by analysts Мarketsandmarkets 2.3 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $ 3.9 billion by 2025, with growth of 11.6% during the forecast period. Driving force of the market – area expansion under organic farmland, and the growing recognition of the biofertilizers among farmers, and society

среда, 15 июля 2020
Waiting until the green tomatoes will begin to ripen can seem an eternity. As if out of spite they refuse to change color, to annoy gardeners. How to outwit these stubborn people?

вторник, 14 июля 2020
Independent research agricultural company Corteva Agriscience for the seventh time will hold their annual inter-regional field seminars in the framework of the project "Agrochemie pioneer" in order to transfer the Russian agricultural scientific knowledge and practical experience in the field of agricultural technologies.

пятница, 10 июля 2020
About 50% of arable land in the world suffer from a shortage of phosphorus, and can help here phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms, but not all, and only the most effective

четверг, 09 июля 2020
The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation supported the bill on the processing of expired food products into animal feed and fertilizers, to the reply of the Ministry signed by Deputy Minister — state Secretary Viktor evtuhova.

Natalia Smolyarenko appointed head of the Crop Science division of Bayer in Russia and CIS countries since 1 July 2020. Previously, she held the position of head of sales division Crop Science in Russia.

вторник, 07 июля 2020
The Acron group, one of the leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and worldwide, will sponsor the exhibition "YUGAGRO-2020".

пятница, 03 июля 2020
The Bank "Opening" became a shareholder of the Talitsky potash project, implemented by JSC "MCC". The deal was implemented through a mutual Fund "the Opening of Financial investments", which is included in the Bank "Opening". Having sold Bank "Opening" 10,1% of shares of JSC "MCC", the Acron Group has reduced its share in the project to 50%+1 share.

четверг, 25 июня 2020
Please read the information about the production of CAS of different brands as to understand the issues and technologies of production.

среда, 24 июня 2020
In five years, the industry has increased the production volumes by a quarter to 50 million tons

вторник, 23 июня 2020
Please read the recommendations on the selection of mixing equipment for the production of CAS and HCS, the need to pay attention to and how to deal with the issues of production.

четверг, 11 июня 2020

понедельник, 08 июня 2020
"KuibyshevAzot" has won the diploma of I degree of regional competition "Ekolider-2019" in the category "Industrial giant." Participation in this significant event for the company has already become a good tradition. Moreover, "KuibyshevAzot" annually pays special attention to environmental projects and environmental activities.

понедельник, 01 июня 2020
The Acron group, one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world, has launched on its Youtube channel in the cycle of videos "the Profession of Akron".

пятница, 29 мая 2020
Subsidiary company of JSC "Akron" – 101211205 Saskatchewan Ltd. (Canada), completed the sale of mining licenses potash license area KL 279 Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (potash division Nutrien Ltd.). KL 279 (known as the Stockholm project) is an undeveloped plot of 263,5 km2, located in the southeastern part of the canadian province of Saskatchewan.