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Corteva Agriscience will demonstrate the results of implementation of precision agriculture technologies in the framework of Agrochemie pioneer-2020
Independent research agricultural company Corteva Agriscience for the seventh time will hold their annual inter-regional field seminars in the framework of the project "Agrochemie pioneer" in order to transfer the Russian agricultural scientific knowledge and practical experience in the field of agricultural technologies.
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This year the geography of the project "Agrochemija pioneer" expand: the event will take place in several regions and republics of the Russian Federation, and one of the most innovative locations will become a division of the agricultural holding "Sodruzhestvo-region, OOO Big Moretz", located in the Volgograd region. Here the company will jointly present the results of implementing precision agriculture technologies.

Partnerships Corteva Agriscience and agribusiness holding "Commonwealth region" have a long history, by allowing joint production practices to find optimal solutions to increase yields in the region of crops such as corn and sunflower. So, last year, due to integrated agronomic support team of the brand Pioneer in testing of various technologies in the economy "Big Moretz" managed to collect maximum yields of sunflower and maize on non-irrigated areas. In particular, the technology of introduction of maize crops urea, which gave the agriculture specialists Pioneer with the seeds, helped to thresh 105 kg/ha on non-irrigated areas, and in the current year to increase the sowing area under the crop in 2.5 times. By sunflower at different degrees of technology intensity, the yield reached 47 kg/ha.

New stage of cooperation included not only advanced agronomic support with the introduction of farming technologies precision farming, but also an opportunity to demonstrate innovative products and technologies on the basis of the management company "Big Moretz" in the framework of the annual project "Agrochemija pioneer.

Currently Corteva Agriscience helps the economy with the introduction of new precision farming technologies, which allow to overcome the yield limiting factors and to reveal inherent in the hybrids potential. For example, monitoring of crop conditions is conducted using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with conventional and infrared camera. Three hours, one drone collects information from 8 thousand hectares of crops, and then mapping technology NDVI (Normalized vegetation index) to understand the development of plants. The program divides the field into separate areas with a definition, which of them needs feeding. After mapping the tasks that are loaded into the fertilizer spreader for variable-rate application. This allows the plants to get as much batteries as needed in a particular period of vegetation, providing better absorption of fat.

What will be the end of this year, it will be possible to assess in advance the upcoming events of Agrochemie pioneer. To learn about the dates and locations of conducting all field seminars Agrochemie, follow the message of the company.


About Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience is a public, global, exclusively agricultural company that offers farmers worldwide the most complete portfolio in the industry, including a balanced and diverse set of seeds, protection of crops and digital solutions focused on maximizing productivity to increase yields and profitability. Being represented some of the best known brands in agriculture and owning an industry-leading portfolio of products and technologies that have significant opportunities for growth, the company is committed to work with stakeholders across the food system, as to meet its obligation to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring the development of future generations. Corteva Agriscience became an independent public company on 1 June 2019, the company had Previously been an agricultural unit DowDuPont. More information can be found on the website www.corteva.ru

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