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Accelerated ripening of tomatoes – put the tomatoes, the banana and give a compost of beer
Waiting until the green tomatoes will begin to ripen can seem an eternity. As if out of spite they refuse to change color, to annoy gardeners. How to outwit these stubborn people?
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Ripening is a physiological process of transformation that gives tomatoes their signature red appearance and a sweet, fresh scent. When the tomato fruit ripens, green chlorophyll is destroyed and the surface of the pigments of the red color.

But how do you want to have ripe tomatoes soon! Moreover, the summer-it is hot, the "tomato", so what are them green adversary, not enough?

In fact, the rate of ripening of tomatoes on a Bush affect not only low, but long hot days. If the heat prevailed for a long time, the plant is a tomato ceases to concentrate on the production of fruits, redirecting energy into strengthening the root system.

And then you just have to wait until the coolness. However, often when it is cooler is accompanied by the rains, and, therefore, there is a formidable risk of Phytophthora. And there comes a time when it is better to hurry than to be late, especially if we are talking about growing in the open ground.

Aggressive surface and underground crop

Aggressive pruning puts the plant into survival mode and accelerates the development of fruit (because the plants are trying to grow seeds and provide for another generation - before death).

To use this natural response to your advantage, cut the roots to half their length, remove up to a third of the leaves (mainly stained, damaged with signs of mold) and take any flowers.

If aerial operations, all clear, for underground crop, take a spade and dig a trench 30 cm in diameter to a depth of 15 to 20 cm along the entire length of the plant.

Trench "cut off" the ends of the roots and cause the plant to have fruit. Cut the small immature tomatoes to send energy to the larger fruits.

It is important to remember that this is only the case when it's the last harvest of the season. Crop roots not only accelerates aging, but also the life of the plant.

Reduce watering. If you watered every day, then move to once every two or three days (or even less, depending on temperature and conditions).

Compost beer

Shortly before harvest swipe fertilizing compost tea.

Tea from compost - a bit of a misnomer. Technically, tea is an infusion, which requires heating the water to a boil and fill it with herbs to create a healing drink.

While compost tea for plants it would be logical to call a compost of beer, because the process is closer to fermentation. This brewed liquid, which concentrates the bacteria, fungi, protozoa in an easily absorbable liquid form.

Two major benefits of the "compost of beer" is the increase of nutrients in the soil (since the product contains the same ingredients as compost) and growing populations of mycorrhizal fungi and predatory nematodes that help to protect plants from various pathogens.

For cooking any compost of beer takes only about 24, maximum 36 hours. Longer and in the mixture can begin breeding by a very friendly bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.

The easiest recipe is: throw compost directly into the bucket, and then strain through burlap to separate the tea from the solid particles. To simplify the problem, the ingredients can be directly put into a porous fabric, tied in a bag, leaving the long end of the rope – not to have to climb into the bucket by hand. Time of cooking day.

Ethylene boosters

Place ripened bananas under tomato plants. That is, maturing as they produce a lot of ethylene in the process of ripening compared to the other fruits.

Instead of having to buy bananas, sometimes more efficient just to use other fruits that you grow where you live.

Mannosamine successfully achieved by the unfolding of apples.

As in the first and in the second case, the fruits should be spread on cardboard and immediately remove any sign of rot or mold.

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