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LLC "White clover" offers to wholesale feed additives for cattle (adsorbents) - production LIPTOSA, Spain: - Fintax advance is a complex adsorbent (2 in 1) based on activated aluminium silicates with high adsorption capacity and hepatoprotective (osmoregulation, bile-expelling) properties, due to the presence of betaine, Inositol, artichoke extract. - Pentax Expert – complex adsorbent based on activated aluminium silicates, but it is much richer and clearer presents hepatoprotectors (milk Thistle, artichoke extract, betaine) and more specialized and targeted anti-stress substance (Inositol). - Pentax Natur is a completely organic adsorbent, based on the cell walls of yeast (which is an advantage because more effective against the polar toxins than mineral) and marine algae. Also includes enzymes, probiotics, Inositol, milk Thistle, artichoke extract, betaine, extract of leaves of red grapes (as an alternative to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C). Price list for the products on request. Delivery.