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Agro2b.ru - the long-awaited web portal devoted to food business is finally at your disposal.

 What is intended purpose and who are users of the Agro2b.ru?

 The Agro2b.ru is the unique resource to expand business relations and increase profit of the food market participants. What is the Agro2b.ru commercial attraction? The Russian Federation market of agricultural products and agribusiness recourses is estimated at about 4,8 trillion rub a year (about 155 billion USD). Including 2,64 trillion rub (more than 85 billion USD) of cumulative cost of finished products  and 2,16 trillion rub (about 70 billion USD) of finished products recourses cost.

The web portal is divided into segments which thus give the possibility to show messages only to the involved participants. Due to all these facts the Agro2b.ru becomes one-of-a-kind commercial project.

What is the Agro2b.ru composed of?

 Agro2b.ru comprises two main basic parts: 

• The system of trade information, allowing marketers to advance food products and resources (agricultural machinery, fertilizers, transport, equipment, various services) necessary for agribusiness. The Agro2b.ru web portal is entirely devoted to agribusiness.

• The social network, allowing marketers to place detailed companies’ and personal information as well as to create professional and personal discussions including the whole Internet agrarian sector. 

The Agro2b.ru contains some information divisions demanded by Russian agribusiness participants. Including online broadcasting of the Russia's first agrarian TV channel of Agro TV, daily updated analytical information on global and Russian agribusiness, information on leading consumer-companies purchase prices and etc. 

The Agro2b.ru  is intended for all categories of the agricultural marketers.

 The best sale offer for their goods on this web portal can be found by grocery shop owners, private subsidiary farm owners, land share owners receiving payment-in-kind, farmers and large enterprise directors.

 They will have possibility to be aware of their goods cost not according to a price list but directly according to the basis of delivery by using this web portal.

 By means of this web portal processors will be able to buy raw materials directly from producers without intermediaries.

By means of this web portal exporters will be able to form export consignments with minimal logistics network. Producers of agro-industrial complex resources will find here direct access to target audience. State agricultural authorities will receive operational actual information on effective supply prices, offers on main types of agricultural goods and agro-industrial complex resources.

 The portal thereby gives the chance to bargain, discuss qualitative characteristics of goods, terms of delivery, terms of payment and other transaction details.

 What do you need to be a user of the Agro2b.ru?

 It is necessary to be registered to use the web portal;   registration is subject to effective checks by the web portal administration. The registration on the web portal is free. After passing the registration procedure, applicant is provided by electronic personal account. This account gives possibility to join the auctions and to find the exposed lots, to contact buyers, to bargain, to discuss details and to finalize terms of transactions. Participants also receive rating estimates of their activities from other participants of the web portal, which influences their business reputation within the web portal.

 How will the Agro2b.ru be developed?

 The Agro2b.ru introduces the systems of electronic document flow, electronic conclusion of transactions and electronic payments. Through this process the Agro2b.ru becomes an unexampled element for the Russian agribusiness trade infrastructure development.

 We wish you success in business!

 Contact e-mail: agroweb@grain.ru