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Geographers of Moscow state University, together with colleagues from other scientific organizations studying landscape-geochemical mechanisms of sustainability of soil ecosystems to the impacts of petroleum fuels.
13 December
Miratorg, the largest producer of main types of meat in Russia, and Yandex.Shop announce the launch of a joint project on the rapid delivery of products from beef and pink veal. The service is available for residents of Moscow and several cities of Moscow region.
13 December
From 19 to 22 November, LLC "Silagra" together with dealer TD "GSM-"Palesse" participated in one of the largest Russian exhibition YUGAGRO-2019, which was held in Krasnodar.
12 December
The 3M company is an alternative to cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and envelopes with a soft base
11 December
To its 45th anniversary "Brewery "Yarpivo" summed up the activities in the region.
10 December