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Agrarians of Mykolaiv region have started harvesting sunflower
In the Nikolaev area as of 20 August, the sunflower were thrashed, which is 1.8 thousand hectares, from which at an average yield of 34.8 centners per hectare are collected of 5.65 million tonnes. About it reported a press-service Nikolaev yeah.
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"In General, harvesting of late agricultural crops shall be 650 thousand hectares of this area of 129 thousand hectares – late crops, including 5.8 thousand hectares of millet, 2.7 thousand hectares of buckwheat, 114,8 thousand hectares of grain maize and 5.7 thousand hectares of sorghum, technical: sunflower – 488 thousand ha; soya – 7.7 thousand ha", – summarized in a press-service.

It is also reported that in the region next to the harvesting campaign is sowing canola. So, the reporting date of the oilseed planted by 27.9 thousand hectares, which is 41% of the forecast.




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