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State support of agrarians of the Crimea for five years has exceeded 9 billion rubles
Substantial financial support from the state allowed the agricultural industry of the Crimea to develop successfully, despite last year's drought and ongoing water blockade from Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov during the report about results of activity of the Council of Ministers in 2018.
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"Neither the blockade nor the natural disasters did not stop the dynamic development of the agroindustrial complex. This is largely the result of state support of the industry. Its total in five years exceeded 9.2 billion rubles," – he said. According to Aksyonov, for five years, the area of fruit planting has increased by 2.6 thousand hectares, the area of vineyards – 2.5 thousand hectares. Today they are about 12 and about 19 thousand hectares, respectively. In support of the land reclamation last year allocated more than 200 million rubles. In 2015 put into operation more than 5 thousand hectares of irrigated land.

In addition, over the five years of the Crimean agricultural producers with the support of the state has acquired more than 2.5 thousand thousand units of agricultural machinery. "State support has allowed to radically change the situation in animal husbandry. The number of cattle in the agricultural organizations and farms in five years has increased almost two and a half times. Milk production has increased by almost three and a half times. The volume of eggs produced for the Russian five-year plan increased by 35%," – said the head of the RK. At the same time Aksenov stated that the Crimean producers are not able to fully meet the domestic demand of the Republic for a number of products due to own production. For example, the demand for dairy products is closed by 50% in pork and poultry meat – 90%, bovine meat 30%, fish products – 68%.




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