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Miratorg has provided training to over 600 employees of an interregional project on cattle at our own training centre "Academy of agribusiness" from may to July 2019
APH Miratorg, one of the largest employers in the agricultural sector of the country in the framework of the implementation of the personnel policy of the interregional project of cattle has trained more than 600 employees at our own training centre "Academy of agribusiness" from may to July 2019.
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Miratorg is the largest investor in Russian agriculture. The company implements large-scale vertically integrated project high-quality beef production, including all stages: crop, livestock, meat processing, logistics and distribution. The holding continues to develop, creating new jobs with decent wages and prospects for professional and career growth. The total number of employees of an interregional project of cattle, more than 11 thousand people.

The development of professional skills, abilities and knowledge of employees in accordance with the objectives and strategy of agricultural holding is an important area of personnel policy. The group is focused on systematic staff development and regularly organizes training programs for leading Russian and international companies to ensure the effectiveness of the project at the level of the recognized world leaders in the production of high quality beef. And its own corporate Academy allows you to gain new knowledge and skills as novice professionals, and experienced professionals.

Training center "Academy of agribusiness" is a unique project for Russia, because it connects theory with practice, applying the most effective teaching tools. Branches of the Academy in Vygonichskogo and St. areas of the Bryansk region located in the vicinity of production. Infrastructure includes classrooms, residential housing for students and teachers and curricular grounds. The Academy training is provided to managers and farm administrators, veterinarians, and livestock producers, machine operators and agronomists. Training includes techniques and methods for the treatment of cattle, stretches, sorting, work on a horse and basic veterinary procedures performed with all technological groups of animals, farm management, maintaining production records, work with modern agricultural machinery and other disciplines.

"Undoubtedly, the team is the backbone of our company and all our achievements are connected with the clear, competent work men. We actively invest in training, advanced technologies, the development and preservation of their experience, purposefully improve their skills so they do not just know the theory, but in practice applied best practices with meat cattle. This year is especially important – as a result of mass calving, we expect a large addition – more than 230 thousand calves, and in the next few years we plan to increase the total number of our herd to 1 million heads," - commented the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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