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The Amur region predicts decline in grain exports
Since the beginning of the year, exports of foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials by farmers of the Amur region amounted to $61.8 million, which is below last year's level.
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"The reason is that in 2018 was the record export of stocks of soybeans to China. In the current year due to adverse meteorological situation, which will lead to the death of crops, we predict the possible failure of some indicators on the export of grain and soybeans," explained the Minister of agriculture of the Amur region Oleg Turkov.

In the current year in the framework of the Federal project "the Export of agricultural products" in the region kulturtechnik scheduled events (this is, in particular, clearing of agricultural land from trees and shrubs) on the area of 9.7 thousand hectares. severe weather conditions can make adjustments in the implementation of this task.

Overall for the year 2019 in the region, the planned export of agricultural products in the amount of $183 million of the Amur region has committed itself to increase in the future export volume of 2.6 times to us $247,7 million in value terms.




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