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Poland: the ASF involves the elimination of small farms
According to Krzysztof Tołwiński, of the Polish Federation of family farms, the government is doing everything to scare off the family farm by production. In his opinion, the ASF is based on the elimination of farms.
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To such thoughts pushing poor farmers to trade in the quarantine zones, as well as the difficulty of disposing of pigs from these areas. For example, because of restrictive measures is located in the quarantine areas and slaughterhouses are unable to take animals from the neighborhood. Breeders have to take pigs for slaughter hundreds of miles in the territory, free of ASF virus. Small farmers have to collect a large party, to somehow to reduce costs.

Farmers in the infected areas are unable to sell their pigs. Meat processors are unable to buy them. Veterinarians disoriented. This problem, which has been known for several years. says Tołwiński. - If the authorities had the desire to actually help, she had to let the slaughterhouses in the quarantine areas to buy pigs from local farmers.

Another part of the problem is the drop in the price of ivoc from areas affected by the virus. According to farmers, after the registration of the outbreak and restrictions, the price of pigs is reduced immediately. Besides automatically imposed thirty-day ban on the movement of animals, during which pigs are ready for sale, you can go to class "overgrown", and this is again the loss in price.

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