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In Tatarstan under winter crops is planned to take up less space than last year
In the Republic economy 13 municipal districts completed the autumn sowing, doing forward-looking indicators. About this news Agency "Tatar-inform" was informed in the Ministry.
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As noted in Department, the number of districts that have completed the winter crops sowing, every day it becomes more and more.

"Today, in 13 of the 43 municipal districts have fulfilled their estimated figures for the sowing of winter crops. In the Republic these crops will be sown on 541,6 thousand hectares, sowing was conducted on 90% of the allotted space is 485,5 thousand hectares," – said the head of Department of development of branches of agriculture of the Ministry Irek Sadykov.

He also said that the rye sown 121,2 thousand hectares, and wheat almost three times more space – 358,7 thousand hectares, or about three quarters of the areas sown with winter crops.

According to Irek Sadykov, last year in the Republic of winter crops were sown on 564,9 thousand hectares, which exceeds the expected rate of the current year is 23.3 ha. the crops of wheat far exceeds the area of remaining winter crops, they occupied 428,7 thousand hectares, crops of rye – 126,9 thousand hectares.

According to the information of Ministry, the largest area allocated for winter crops, in Spassky area of 22.3 ha. "On September 12, here the autumn sowing is carried out at 21.8 thousand hectares, which is 98% of the forecast", – said the Agency interlocutor.

Significant areas set aside for winter in Alkeevsky and Alekseevsky areas – 21.1 thousand hectares and 21,0 thousand ha, respectively. The first of these this work was completed 98%, the other 90%, said the Agency.

"Also among the areas where large areas of winter crops, Aznakaevsky district. Here SEV held 20.1 thousand hectares, which is 100% of the forecast. While rye sown 6.9 thousand ha, wheat – 13,2 thousand hectares," – said Irek Sadykov.




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