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Lifted the quarantine on Achs in Konyshevsky district, Kursk region
On-site Konyshevskogo district of the Kursk region, where is located the production site of GC "Agropromkomplektatsiya", in accordance with the Decree of the Governor of Kursk region from 9.10.2019 No. 424-PG lifted a quarantine disease by the African plague of pigs. According to the document, in Konyshovka, Demetrius and Chomutov districts of the region set the operation mode of "Daily life".
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"It can be stated that on-site Konyshevskogo district eliminated 1 and 2 areas of potential danger, - said the head of the Department of pig breeding and husbandry GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya" Yury Dyachenko. – Large work, the hearth cleaned.

In the last month at the pig farm "Belyaevsky" (branch of LLC "APK-Kursk") carried out a total disinfection and the necessary sanitary treatment.

Safety of the object is confirmed by laboratory studies. Now the pig will expect the permission to delivery of the first livestock animal". To maintain fit for production and economic activities of the state farm will work brigade on duty staff.

Urgent task is to preserve the capacity of the heating system of the object. In the coming months it is planned to carry out installation of process equipment, which was removed during disinfection. To date, the object is preserved.

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