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Meat and eggs can be dangerous due to the outbreak of bird flu in Poland
Avoid contact with birds and pay attention to the purchase of poultry meat and eggs called for Russian citizens, the CPS in connection with the outbreak of bird flu in Poland. On 8 January, reported the press service of the Ministry.
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Information on the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N8) on a farm in the Lublin province in the northeast of Poland was received by the CPS from the Chief sanitary Inspectorate of Poland and promulgated on 2 January 2020, the International epizootic Bureau (OIE). At the outbreak of the disease on the farm were scored more than 12 thousand turkeys. Just today in Poland culled about 40 thousand birds.


The Polish Association of breeders and poultry farmers warned that for farms located within a radius of three km from the outbreak of the disease, there is a risk of infection. Just the risk of infection exists for 350 thousand birds.

In these circumstances, the CPS strongly encourages tourists to consider this information when planning your trip to Poland. In Poland it is not recommended to be near ponds with waterfowl, and should avoid contact with birds in other possible places of their accumulation.

In addition, it is not recommended to buy meat and eggs of birds in the markets and unproven producers, especially in the places of unauthorized trade.

Earlier REGNUM reported about the elimination of not less than 25 thousand birds in connection with the identification of another focus of bird flu in the West of Poland.


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